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Eat the Sun is sharing skill sets from an evolving knowledge base to develop sustainable communities founded on principles of organic regenerative agriculture and self-sufficient living within a spiritual development context. Keeping an organic plant-based whole food sattvic diet founded on the cumulative collective understanding of basic nutritional principles practiced by traditional civilizations that have stood the test of time. At the core of this approach to life is the intelligent and conscious use of of regenerative micro and macro organisms to revitalize the life systems of the planet at large as well as the life systems of the human body at the micro-cosmic level. Eat The Sun’s approach recognizes the universal and basic role of specific groups of organisms in combination with a complete spectrum of mineral elements, the raw materials from which all life is built. This represents the most direct and efficient route to optimal states of physical, mental and spiritual health.

Here you will find information dispelling the myths of modern nutrition and health in our culture as well as the wealth of truths from our ancient traditions for health and healing. Posts will cover: information on food as therapy and as an alternative to allopathic medicine as well preparing and sourcing for an organic, plant-based, whole food sattvic diet. Our attention will also be brought to the toxins we can avoid, reduce, and release from our bodies as this is another foundational piece in healing and finding our way back to health.

…Healing clays, re-mineralization and fermented foods.
…Choose the best oils for your kitchen and body.
…What is in your water?

Putting awareness and intention to shift the balances of what is being consumed versus what is being produced. We are constantly doing R&D and updating ourselves to function in the modern urban setting all the while keeping up with the skill sets for a self-sufficient lifestyle and community based market system. How do we create continuously without negatively impacting the environment? How do we mimic nature and produce without generating waste while keeping a healthy balance?

Gathered here will be information on growing your own foods, reducing your waste, using alternative fuels, and energy, fermenting foods, using the resources on hand to do things for yourself ~ in short create wealth from natural resources for an eco-conscious home and/or self-sufficient community.

Specializing in the use of regenerative microorganisms that help to restore the natural balance of various aspects of our eco-systems; such as the soil, water, air, and people.

“The highest purpose of the Universe is your fulfillment and joy. Align all your thoughts, actions, words even your every breath towards your higher purpose, that is the essence of all spiritual traditions.” ~Paramahamsa Nithyananda

We draw heavily on the ancient yogic sciences and tradition, these are some of the sample topics to explore:

…Yoga asana for your daily practice.
Techniques for memory power, specifically designed for kids!
Kriya for Arthritis and Fungal Infections.

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