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community, bokashi composting, sustainability, homestead, organic, health, healingAs crazy as it might sound, we are here to say, “Yes!” to some seemingly unlikely possibilities… we are here to discuss, experiment with and refine living in urban city environments while reviving ancient traditions and building modern communities that look IN to find solutions. We are committed to stop outsourcing our solutions! Taking responsibility for our health, wealth, and bliss starts now and continues with trust and a willingness to work!

Vimaladevi is sharing knowledge and experience regarding a vibrantly healthy, organic and self-sufficient lifestyle. She keeps an organic plant-based whole food sattvic diet, based on the understanding of basic nutritional principles practiced by traditional civilizations that have stood the test of time. She couples this with the use of regenerative microorganisms to revitalize the digestion system as well as bio available minerals and trace elements critical to growing radiant organs, systems and consciousness in the body and of course our ecology. She finds these elements are the easiest, most direct and impactful way to achieve optimal physical and mental health. Not only do these practices reduce our footprint in our environment, additional they are adding life to our soils and thus our foods which end up again entering the body. Vimaladevi aligns her actions with her intentions of keeping a health full active yogic body, a sharp, still Vedic mind and tapping into the eternal source energy while living more consciously. She currently serves as a nutritional coach & health advisor and also shares her expertise on bioremediation.

Awaken the BODY: Nutrition & Physical Culture
Here you will find information dispelling the myths of modern nutrition and health in our culture as well as the wealth of truths from our ancient traditions for health and healing. Posts will cover: information on food as therapy and as an alternative to allopathic medicine as well preparing and sourcing for an organic, plant-based, whole food sattvic diet. Our attention will also be brought to the toxins we can avoid, reduce, and release in our bodys as this is another foundational piece in healing and finding our way back to health.

…Healing clays, re-mineralization and fermented foods.

…Choose the best oils for your kitchen and body.

…What is in your water?

Awaken the HOME: Epicenter for Wealth Creation
Putting awareness and intention to shift the balances of what is being consumed versus what is being produced. We are constantly doing R&D and updating ourselves to function in the modern urban setting all the while keeping up with the skill sets for a self-sufficient lifestyle and community based market system. How do we create massive amounts of wealth without negatively impacting the environment? How do we mimic nature and produce continuously without generating waste and keeping a healthy balance?

Gathered here will be information on growing your own foods, reducing your waste, using alternative fuels, and energy, fermenting foods, using the resources on hand to do things for yourself ~ in short create wealth from natural resources for an eco-conscious home and/or self sufficient community.

Awaken on ECOLOGY: Regenerative Microorganisms: not just sustanance but remediation and enhancing our environment
Specialists using regenerative microorganisms that help to restore the natural balance of various aspects of our eco-systems; such as the soil, water, air, and people. Again using organic food practices and regenerative microorganisms to get the job done.

SPIRIT Awaken: Meditation & Restful Awareness
“The highest purpose of the Universe is your fulfillment and joy. Align all your thoughts, actions, words even your every breath towards your higher purpose, that is the essence of all spiritual traditions. ~Paramahamsa Nithyananda”

…Asana for your daily practice.

…Nithya Kriya for memory power, specifically designed for kids!

…Nithya Kriya for hair loss and fungal infections.

…Nithya Kriya for healing asthma in 3 days!

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