Combining organic matter and select finely pulverized rock dusts creates an intense “microbiological explosion” that will make soluble and stabilize inorganic rock minerals and make them available to plant roots on an “as needed” basis.

Soils regularly fed organic matter in combination with full spectrum (60+ minerals and trace minerals) rock powders will sustain high populations of beneficial soil microorganisms with a complete and balanced biochemistry. This is the basis for a complete and balanced biochemistry in plants rooted in these soils.

When growing in these biologically and bio-chemically balanced soils everything else becomes truly easy. The soil pH self-adjusts and plants are pest and disease resistant. There will be a decrease in the need of watering as this fertile medium retains water yet drains well. You’ll enjoy longer growing seasons and produce with a longer shelf life. You’ll be harvesting vibrant nutrient dense high brix crops due to the availability of the nutrients in the active and healthy soil. The plant growth will push the limits of our expectations when they have free-choice of any nutrient they want.

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Contact us here for 5lb or 10lb sacks.

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