What you don’t even know that you don’t know… about garlic

Why to avoid a constant dose of GARLIC & ONION (medicinal herbs) 


  • The chemical components of garlic & onion have an unstable nitrogen bond as similarly found in THC.
  • Studies show that garlic inhibits alpha brain waves.
  • EEG studies show you have a harder time entering a relaxed mental state when you eat garlic & onion.
  • It can take a few days to get your brain back to doing what you know it can do. If you eat garlic regularly you’ll never even know the effect of it!
  • Meditate? Do yoga? Go without garlic/onion for a short time; see the possibilities of your meditation/yoga practice. Then eat it once again and observe the changes.
  • Have low-grade headaches or attention deficit disorder [ADD]? Can’t quite focus on the computer in the afternoon? Just do an experiment – you owe it to yourself. Stop eating garlic and see how much better you feel -very quickly, maybe after 21 days eat a little garlic. You’ll be wishing you knew about this earlier!

Highly unpopular news, but the benefits are worth the changes in your diet.

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