The Sunscreen Dilemma

1. EAT THE SUN! The sun is food and energy and we all need consistent sun exposure to be healthy. Vitamin D deficiency is common and all the hype these days. Vitamin D is synthesized in adequate amounts by all mammals from sunlight energy. It regulates calcium and phosphate in the blood stream and promotes healthy bones and teeth during growth and for regeneration.
2. When you ONLY have healthy fats and oils in your diet and are free from trans fats and and free-radicals in the body you are not in danger from sun exposure IN MODERATION.
3. For longer sun exposure, use hats, and UV Rash guards, etc.
Here’s a list of toxins commonly found in our cosmetics, sunscreens, etc.
We are not going to drop the bomb without a solution here’s our personal practice and thoughts.
We personally don’t use any sunscreen. We subscribe to #1 above. I steer clear of all trans fats. and only use these oils in the kitchen. We use absolutely no any refined sugar. For longer sun exposure, use hats, and UV Rash guards, etc. (#3) If I absolutely have no choice, but to provide a solution for others who “need” a sunscreen I suggest this product.

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