Starting an herb garden? A word on High Brix…

This is my favorite seed source. It’s a great herb package, but if you are really into herbs you might like this one. Some of them are shade tolerant, meaning 2-5 hours of sunlight will do. Most do best in full sun, however in the summer if the weather’s hot beware some will quickly bolt and you’ll get a short season, low harvest.

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A word on growing without pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, etc…
With the right (regenerative) microbiology, mineral (nutrient) source, light and water you won’t have any problems with pests/disease at all. Plants that have everything they need available don’t have these issues, or the other common degenerative conditions. You’ll find that the food you grow with these in place will be nutrient/mineral rich, something you can’t find anywhere these days, even at the best farmers market stands! The higher the reading of leaf brix, the more the plants will be insect and disease resistant. Weak plants operate at a frequency that lure the predators. Disease/insects aren’t attracted to the frequency of a high brix specimen. It’s a brilliant system nature has in place, where poor quality is naturally eliminated from the food chain leaving only the nutrient-dense foods for our consumption. At the foundation of degenerative conditions in the body as well as plants, soil etc. is a lack of minerals as well as the degenerative micro-organisms that are dominating that environment. We all know we are what we eat. Where have our efforts to play mother nature by “saving crops” using fertilizers, sprays etc. gotten us?

If you are interested in reading more about the health of our soil, this book on soil and this one about compost are on the must read list.

So no worries, go for it, there’s nothing like growing your own food! And if you do run into problems you’ll learn as you go… watch and observe, and see how nature takes care. If you are interested in checking the quality of the produce you buy and even comparing it with food you grow in mineral and microbe rich soils try this little gadget. It measures the nutrient density of your foods and the brix chart rate the quality based on your results. Here’s an excellent article on High Brix.

So what are these magic minerals that will feed me and my soil???

Gaia Green


These are just the a couple of the commercially available options. If you are interested in getting a premium mineral rock dust blend, please contact us.

For the microbiology you can use some quality compost or look for Arctic Humus. Ideally the minerals would have been through a life process like vermi-composting or RMI Composting. We sell Mineral Worm Casts that serve as an inoculate and biologically processed mineral source. Anything you grow with the microbes and minerals, sunlight and water will flourish, inside, outside, for edibles or ornamentals.

…ahhh the secrets of the soil!

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