Adulterated OLIVE OIL: Scams & Your Health

Olive Oil, although not on the list of toxic oils, literally goes to being a highly volatile substance to the body once heated. As mentioned on the earlier post, WHY BE A FAT HEAD?, the recommended oils for cooking are stable and have a high smoke point.

Aside from the use of olive oil being limited due to it’s low smoke point, there are more pressing issues, specifically considering a serious subject of food fraud. Just last month in Spain, 19 individuals were arrested who were allegedly involved in a complex network of multi-million euro olive oil fraud, money laundering and tax evasion. Spanish reports say there were very low quality oils being mixed into and passed off as olive oil. Considering the amount of olive oil imported from Europe, it wouldn’t be surprising if some of these adulterated oils are sitting on the shelves in the markets we frequent.

Conclusion: although some olive oils may be adulterated and it is becoming more and more difficult to trust the olive oil sources, they are not inherently toxic. If olive oil will continue to be in the kitchen, before choosing it would be good to do some reading. Extra Virginity: The Sublime and Scandalous World of Olive Oil is on the list. Also some reports coming out of UCDavis Olive Center show results for tests that indicate that imported “extra virgin”olive oil often fails international and USDA standards.

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