Minerals -Basic Building Blocks. How to properly prepare your coffee grounds for your garden. According to me :)

Sunlight + minerals + microbes = all biochemicals on earth. This is the basis for the creation of all lifeforms on this planet.  “Composting” is you playing God on a micro cosmic scale.  You are harnessing all the elements and forces of Nature in one tiny pile to create The Formless one life (a.k.a soil) which gives birth to the myriad lifeforms on this planet.

Properly preparing anything for creating this mysterious substance we call “soil” always stems from the above understanding.

When you pick up coffee grounds (stored sunlight energy) from a cafe it is usually too wet. You can add untreated sawdust or pine pellets to absorb excess moisture. This enhances water holding capacity and opens the coffee grounds to oxygen creating a more favorable physical environment for the activity of microorganisms (each being a doorway for the Lifeforce energy to enter our world).

The final and usually missing component are the critical building blocks of all matter in the universe – MINERALS! If you are not adding mineral sources to the soil generating process you will not be able to perfect yourself bio-chemically/genetically. The goal of all life on earth is to access and be infused with (solubilized) mineral elements (at least 60, probably all 92+ naturally occurring elements in the universe).

You then inoculate this mix with fresh worm castings and/or soil to “seed” with microbes. Place this mixture in plastic cement mixing tubs and cover with Tyvek sheets (to reduce moisture loss).

As the microbiology releases the stored energy from the coffee grounds to digest the minerals in the various rock powders it will heat up quite a bit from the intense microbiological explosion. The intense energy being released is what powers the alchemical resurrection of dead organic and inorganic matter into a living, breathing entity that gives birth to all life on earth.

Turn the material by hand 2 to 3 times during  this transformation process which will usually last 10 to 14 days at which point the material should have cooled to or below ambient temperatures.
At this point your coffee grounds have been “properly prepared.”

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