GMO List of Crops Commercially grown in U.S.

Commercially produced GMO crops in the US:

soybeans (approximately 98%)
corn (more than 80%)
sugar beets
newly de-regulated: alfalfa*

*what is alfalfa? why is this GMO alfalfa so significant?

1. Alfalfa is a most important forage crop for rouminous animals, for dairy cows, sheep they are the most important nutrition source for these animals. Not to mention the humanly consumed alfalfa sprouts.

2. Alfalfa is a bee pollinated plant, and if roundup ready alfafa is extensively grown, there is no way to control the gene that’s in the pollen. In 5-6 years we will essentially have ONLY Roundup ready alfafa. Whether we as consumers, growers, etc., want it or not crops will be pollinated with those genes.

Read more here about the trouble with GMOs.

Here’s a graph on the growth of adoption of the GMO crops in the U.S.

Source: Interview with Dr. Don Huber.

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