What if, Cancer is NOT a Disease?

I know this can be a sensitive topic, I know there are some people who have already invested a lot of time, energy, money and tears into anti-cancer therapies, treatments, meds etc… to reduce any physical discomfort or mental resistance arising while reading this post, try this technique of Unclutching.

What if Cancer is NOT a Disease? I often talk about outsourcing, and this is just one more way we outsource our healing. We forget, or perhaps we haven’t considered that there may be greater intelligence at work when it comes to our ailments and yes even so-called diseases such as cancer. I don’t doubt there is a force in nature that is at play in the plant kingdom, so naturally why wouldn’t it apply to the animal kingdom? Andreas Moritz address the ins and outs of this alternative understanding in his book Cancer is NOT a Disease. He speaks freely of the true role of cancer (hidden by the cancer industry) as the body’s mechanism to heal itself. YES, believe it or not, cancer may be the reason you are still alive!

If you think of the toxins we are exposing ourselves to daily, for hours, days, months, and  years on end and the cumulative effects of these toxins in the body, naturally the body needs to respond with adaptive/protective mechanisms to deal with the overload in the system, that mechanism is cancer. Toxicity from our poor diet, lifestyle, our emotional baggage, from the endless EMF (electro magnetic fields) etc… these all adversely affect the health of the cells in the body. YES, cancer is destroying the UNHEALTHY cells in your body. These very cells that can’t support the life energy in your system are being isolated, eliminated and being replaced by healthy cells.

Take a moment to step away from the initial reaction to the presence of cancer (hopefully before the medical/pharmaceutical industries get a hold of you) and stop to re-evaluate what you have been “told” about the nature of life and the meaning of cancer. From my experience, what I have perceived in the past to be my worst decisions, moments, experiences, grievances, etc., have through and through without fail resulted in the GREATEST blessings. With this understanding, it is apparent to me everything in life is a great BLESSING. There must have been detailed planning and micro-management in the execution of the this incredible life experience for it to have turned out as it has. Why then should it be any different when it comes to cancer??? This “life energy” that we carry came with a mission, a purpose and the universe is supporting that purpose EVERY step of the way.

The process of cancer (as a healing mechanism in the body) can be supported and enhanced. Check out this link to a Kriya (yoga technique). Do the research, there are many more tools being used by individuals across the globe to help the body successfully complete the protective/healing/regenerative life process we call cancer.

If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with cancer, please get a copy of this book ASAP. Don’t hesitate, society’s understanding of these so-called diseases are not your understanding, draw your own conclusions, do some research. Learn more about how your mental set-up, beliefs and understandings (about your body, it’s capacity to heal itself, cancer etc.) affect your health and life in general. There is a mind-body-spirit connection and everything we think, say and do is reflected and manifested in, on, and around us. In case you haven’t seen it, there is a great movie, What the Bleep? that beautifully illustrates this.

The medical/pharmaceutical representatives are going to try to rush you into some kind of treatment, don’t make any decisions based on fear. Find that space within and tap into your innate intelligence to distinguish between information that is designed to exploit you and information that can lead you to the truth. Create a circle of individuals who are open to alternative views and support each other as you start to unravel the secret blessings in this life.

Nithyanandam! Blessings in Eternal Bliss!

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