RMI Composting Kit Includes:

2 Fermentation Vessels w/ airtight spin on/off lids

1 “Floating” Lid aka Anaerobic Compression Plate


2-3 handfuls of pine pellets (or other natural absorbent material)

The entire process in the vessels will take about 2 to 3 weeks. While one vessel is fermenting you are filling the second one. Like this you will continue to rotate vessels.

Filling The Vessels: Start the vessel with about a 1/4” layer of pine or paper pellets on the bottom to absorb the liquids that will be generated during the fermentation process. Add food wastes to the vessel as you generate them. Chop everything into smaller pieces, this allows for a larger surface area for the microbes to digest the food. With each additional layer, dust the food wastes with the REGENERATIVE MICROBIAL INOCULANT (RMI). Continue adding layers until the vessel is full. Minimize the air exposure by using the “floating” lid. Also use it to compress and squeeze out any air pockets. Leave it in place and keep the container sealed when not in use to keep airtight.

Fermentation: Once the vessel is full, remove the plate, close the container and let the material ferment for 2 weeks. At this point you will start filling your second vessel. Any time after two weeks the fermented waste is ready. The contents in the vessel will not look like soil. They will look almost the same as when they were added to the vessel. Depending on the size of the food wastes that were added to the vessel, the materials will break down completely in the soil in just a few weeks. Larger sized particles will take a little longer. Bones may take several months to break down.

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