The RMI (Regenerative Microbial Inoculant) Composting Kit uses a group of regenerative microbes that work along regenerative, anti-oxidative pathways as opposed to degenerative, oxidative processes (that occurs with normal thermophilic composting methods). A pickling effect is created in the organic matter resulting in a sweet/sour smelling material that rapidly breaks down in the soil. The end result is a dramatic increase in soil fertility and microbiological activity. This revolutionary way of fermenting your kitchen scraps was made popular by the Japanese, fermenting organic matter as known as bokashi. To read more about this  technology, please look for Volume 1 and Volume 2 of Dr. Higa’s “An Earth Saving Revolution.”

We culture the regenerative microorganisms and inbed them into organic wheat bran (RMI Inoculant + Accelerant). This inoculate remains dormant until you add it to your fresh organic waste. Once active these regenerative microorganisms colonize and breakdown pracitically any food waste; even cheese, meat and fish.

Compost in just 2 weeks! Produce a high-carbon, bio-fertilizer that can be used throughout the growing season. Click Here for Directions.

Read about the really BIG benefits of this composting system vs. traditional and similar kits.

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